How to Make Reusable Templates in Photoshop


Hi everyone!  I am so excited to announce that I am teaching a class on Skillshare called Creating Reusable Templates in Photoshop: Photo Collage! is an amazing website where you can learn all sorts of great skills in short bite sized classes.  Its perfect for busy people who love to learn!

I have seen classes on everything from cooking to photography to painting and writing!  I LOVE Skillshare!

A couple months ago the creative team at Skillshare asked me to teach a class.  I love to teach!  I love photography!  Its a win win!  So here is my very first class, Creating Reusable Templates in Photoshop: Photo Collage.

In this class we will be learning to make your own templates in Photoshop!  So many photographers buy templates or just use what they can find on the internet for free.  This is so sad because it is SO EASY to make your own and you can do SO MUCH with them!  If you want to check out the intro video you can find it here!

In less then 20 minutes this class will give you the skills to create your own

  • photo collage
  • facebook timeline
  • business cards and flyers
  • calendars
  • design albums and photo book pages
  • scrapbooking
  • and so much more!


Plus, right now is the best time to join Skillshare!  Right now you can get your first 3 MONTHS of Skillshare for only $.99 cents!  After your three months you can cancel or continue for only $12 a month.  For me, its totally worth it.  I watch videos on Skillshare almost everyday.  When I am washing dishes, when I am in the car, when I am waiting in line at the doctor.  The classes are so short that I can complete one in the time it takes the guy to wash and vacuum my car!

Please head on over to my class, Creating Reusable Templates in Photoshop and support me!


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