Pregnancy Sunflower Session – Antelope Valley Photography

This is by far my favorite Maternity photo session to date!  The sunflowers in the Antelope Valley can be incredible if you know where to look. The field I found near Lancaster was amazing and my client was a stunning young woman.  I just loved every image that came out of this session.  I can’t wait to do another session in the sunflowers this year.


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Sunflower Session – Antelope Valley Photography

  1. Haley Hintz says:

    Hi, I really love this! My husband and I are going to be in the LA area in mid February and I am really interested in doing this. I will only be 25 weeks so not too big but I really love these pictures with the flowers, im not sure when in you’re pregnancy you’re supposed to get these pictures. Will the flowers be there at that time? How much will it cost? And do you have availability on February 12 or 13?

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