My New Baby

So I have a new baby.  No, not that baby, another new baby.  This weekend I bought a Nikon D7000.  I have wanted this camera forever.  I’ve been saving and waiting for the right time.  This weekend the right person found me and everything worked out and I am the proud owner of a new D7000!  I am thrilled!  Thankfully my family knew how excited I was and let me photograph them in the beautiful summer light we had this afternoon.  I’m still getting used to back button focusing, which is awesome, but my hands are small and I have to reach just slightly farther then comfortable.  I’m pretty sure there is a way to change this but for now its working for me.  Whats not working for me is how small I saved this photo board.  Next time I will change that.  Its late.



3 thoughts on “My New Baby

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  2. Sis Kris - says:

    absolutely gorgeous. Stop messing around already, get your business booming, and make a gazillion dollars shooting photos! You don’t want to know how mush $$ Kev and I are spending on our wedding photographers (they are amazing, so it’s worth it) — these pics are very similar to what’s on their website! I LOVE! Doesn’t hurt that the models are precious 😉

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