Project 24 – Mornings

Shana from Florabella has started a great photo project called Project 24.  It’s a no stress, no timeline photo project.  Every two weeks we will start a new theme and you can interpret the theme anyway you like.  Take as many or as few photos as you want or do the themes in your own order.  I love that there is no pressure.  We all have too much pressure on us everyday as it is!

The theme for the remainder of this week and next is Mornings.  There is lots of discussion and photo sharing over on her Facebook page if you want to get inspired.

The ground outside this morning is covered with frost and even though I hate the cold, I was inspired to go for a photo walk.  My shoes are soaked, but I ended up with a couple frost shots I liked and some much needed exercise.

My favorite shot of the morning.

Frosted Morning

Shot in RAW using a 50mm prime lens, ISO 400, f/4.5, 1/200 sec

Florabella’s Classic Bright at 20% with haze enabled + 1968 at 15% + Ivory Boost at 20%


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