Photoshop Fix – Sebastopol Children’s Photographer

Hi Everyone!  Its been so long since I have posted!  We recently relocated to Sonoma County, California and I have been busy getting my business back up and running!

I wanted to start things off with another Photoshop Fix.  I took this shot of my daughter while she sat on a step near the kitchen.  There is a door behind me that is letting in bright natural light from a shaded porch.  I had her face the light while I cracked a joke about my feet.  This shot was the result.

1.  This first thing I notice is the pic is obviously too dark.  This is a RAW image.  RAW images are typically flat and dull until you spruce them up in Camera RAW and Photoshop. Shooting RAW is the way to go when it comes to portrait photography.  So if you haven’t learned RAW yet, do it now.

I made these changes in Camera RAW:

  • increased the exposure to +1.35, which is higher than I normally would go but it worked with this image.
  • Recovery 0, Fill Light 10, Blacks 1
  • Brightness 1, Contrast +35
  • Clarity +10, Vibrance +10, Saturation 0
  • Temp 7500 & Tint +10.  White Balance is set to Shade.

2.  I uploaded the image to Photoshop and ran CoffeeShop’s Perfect Portrait Action, still one of my favorite free actions.  I turned all layers off except the color pop layer, brighten layer and eye define layer.  I changed the opacity of the color pop layer to around 25%, the brighten layer to around 30% and I defined the eyes and lowered the opacity on that layer to about 40%.

3.  Flatten.  Next I used the Spot Healing Brush to erase small marks on her face, cookie crumbs and stray hairs.

4.  Sharpen using your favorite method.  I almost always use a High Pass filter.

Super simple right!

Now go try with one of your pictures!


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