Fix it Friday #68

#68 Fix it FridayBack with another Fix it Friday!

This is such a fun meme.  I love to see what other photographers are doing with their versions!  You can see theirs by visiting I Heart Faces post for this week.  Here are my adjustments.  Have fun playing!

1.  Made a Levels Adjustment using a Threshold Layer Adjustment.

At this point I decided that to straighten the picture and crop it well I would need more space on the edges so,

2.  I extended the canvas on all sides by 2 inches.

3.  Stretched the right side a bit.

4.  Stretched the bottom side a little with the same method as #3.

5.  Corrected the horizon angle using the Straighten tool.

6.  Cropped to a 4×6 crop making sure she is not in the middle and she has some space to look into.

7.  Ran Everyday Elements Florida action (a great free action).  Adjusted the shine layer to 64%.  Flatten.

8.  Duplicate the background layer.  Adjust the opacity of the new layer to 20% on Soft Light.  Flatten.  This brings out some color and helps add depth.

9.  Dodged with Coffeeshop’s Dodge and Burn Action.  I used a 7% brush on her whole body once, including clothes.  Then a second time on only her skin.  Flatten.

I think that looks pretty good for color.  If I was finished I would Sharpen here.  But, this picture would look great as a black and white too so, lets keep going.

10.  I played with a few different actions here and finally decided on Pioneer Woman’s BW Beauty.  I adjusted the opacity of the bump layer to 50%.

11.  Flatten and Sharpen.  We are done!

Now go click on those links because they will lead you to lots of wonderful free action for Photoshop Elements.


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