Fix it Friday #67

I love Fix it Friday!

#67 Fix it Friday

Here is what I did.  First, where do I want to go with this?  I dont prefer blown out backgrounds but they happen and can be used stylishly too.  I think this photo reminds me of a fairytale and I could work the blown background into that  so I am going to go that route.

1.  Cropped- I thought there was too much space below her.  Like she was floating in the middle of the photo.  I think bringing her down to the bottom corner anchors her better.  I also cropped so she was looking into the photo and not out of it.

2.  Levels Layer Adjustment – Brighten up the foreground, ignoring the blown out background for the moment.  Darkened the blacks a little.

3.  Brightness/Contrast Layer Adjustment – Slight increase on both.

4.  Ran CoffeeShop’s Perfect Portrait Action (one of my favorite free actions) – I did not adjust the levels adjustments but I brought the levels layer opacity down to 25%.  Color Pop at 50% opacity but I masked out her face and masked her skirt with a low opacity brush until it stopped glowing.  Used vivid color layer at 90% and only on her eyes and lips which I bushed at 10% opacity.  Defined her eyes, nose and lips with 100% brush and brought opacity down to 40%.  Lightly dodged her skin to brighten it up with a low opacity brush, about 10%.  I also dodged the foliage in the upper right corner to be a little lighter so it looked farther away.  Lowered the opacity of that layer to about 60%.  I turned the vignette layer off.  Flatten.

5.  Ran Pioneer Woman’s Lovely Action – Brightened the background a little to make it look like lots of backlight is streaming through the trees.  Flatten.

6.  Ran Pioneer Woman’s Sunshine Action – Adjusted opacity to 30%.  Flatten and Saved.

I love how it turned out!


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