42/365 – Stop to Smell the Flowers (and Chase a Cat)

English Pointer

The last couple days have been busy!  I have hardly had time to look at my camera let alone take a picture.
Tonight I almost said screw it and waited until tomorrow.  I decided that the point of 365 is to make you take pictures even when you don’t want to.  So, I picked up my camera and went outside.  It was night, there was a small porch light.  Tonight was the rare time I decided to use a flash.
Ever since we got Chase he has occasionally gone into hunting mode in the backyard.  He is a trained flushing dog (he scares the game that the falcon hunts so the falcon can kill it).  We think he might be after a neighborhood cat who likes to wander through our yard.
Anyway I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to catch him pointing.  An English Pointer points at something it wants to hunt.  It is instinctual and even puppies do it.  Catching that point pose was difficult!  This was the best I could get.  His leg isn’t up so it’s not a perfect point, but its in profile which I wanted.  I did get a couple other photos of him pointing but there was always something a little wrong with each one.

I made these a chocolate black and white using CoffeeShop’s Chocolate B&W action and took down the creamy and lighten layers to Zero.  I decided to go with black and white mostly because in color the picture looked kind of boring.  The front on flash on a Dslr isn’t that good anyway.  I think the black and white looks more timeless and historic.  It is appropriate for this breed of dog which has been hanging around castles in England for centuries.

Until Tomorrow!  Have a wonderful Saturday.

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