41/365 – Afternoon Nap

san jose childrens photographer melissa beach

Yesterday I went out and bought this new background I have been hearing about.  I like it!  Its paper and looks like an old barn wood floor.

To process this image I lightened it up a little in Adobe RAW.

-Then in PSE I used Coffeeshop’s Perfect Portrait action which I love.   I used a 30% opacity feathered big brush to soften her skin slightly.  I also lowered the opacity of the soften skin layer to about 60%.  I used 50% opacity on the color pop layer.  Removed the vignette.  30% opacity on the lighten layer.

After flattening I used the Color Correct Skin Tone which kept turning the image too orange. .  I tried clicking all around her skin and the image but it was all too off.  I ended up clicking on her cheek in the lightest spot.  I had to take the temp down a couple clicks and left the color tone sliders alone.
Sharpened with the Unsharp mask and that is about all.

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