33/365 – Photoshoot Day (San Jose Children’s Photographer)

I had the honor of photographing this handsome young man today!  He was the best!  8 out of 10 shots of this kid were fantastic.  I am so in love with this shot!

For processing, I corrected the RAW negative focusing mostly on brightening the photo overall.  In PSE I ran Coffeeshop’s Picture Perfect action and processed its layers until I liked it.

The next thing was a happy accident.  I meant to darken the light green area in the background on the dodge and burn layer and it was really intense and I messed up so I undid it.  Then I accidentally added black to the brighten eyes layer on the parts I wanted to darken.  The effect at about 15% opacity was perfect.  I am sure I could have done the same on the dodge and burn layer.  However its fun to see how you can use these actions in different ways then they were intended to get your desired result!

After that I flattened, then used the spot healing brush to clean up a couple spots on his face and shirt.  Then I sharpened and added a quick watermark by using a text layer and dropping its opacity to 50%.  Flatten again and save.
I am waiting for my new logo to be finished!  I cant wait to have it on my photos!  More of this session will be up soon.


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