27/365 – Acentia – Peregrine Falcon

What do you do when you have terrible light?  I mean terrible indoor overhead florescent light where you have to shoot RAW, max out your ISO and are still underexposing so there is no blur?  I go black and white.  It’s the only thing to do when you have that much noise.  I really wish I had made a jpeg copy of the Raw file for a before shot.  It was terrible!  Lots of noise all over and very underexposed.  I was aiming for a decent edit but I am actually pretty happy with what I got considering what I started with.

For post processing I tried to keep the noise down in Adobe RAW by darkening the blacks and using a variety of lightning sliders to get a decent exposure.  I also reduced the noise in RAW using their noise reduction.  Then I transferred it into Elements and used Coffeeshop’s Chocolate Black and White.  I almost maxed out the lighten layer and kept everything else about the same.  It is a bit dramatic with the strong contrast but I like it.


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