13/365 – Nursing the Sick

13/365 - Nursing the Sick

This is my hubbie Tom.  He is preparing medication for our sick Saker falcon who has Asper, a very deadly illness caused by mold spores that birds get occasionally during this time of year.

So far she is doing ok.  She has had iv fluids from the vet and her medication.  We have to get up every few hours to force feed her, but its not as hard as it sounds.  She eats it like a starving baby bird.  I thought she would be trying to eat my finger off.  But no, she seems to know that we are helping her get better.  It will be a long fight, but she will pull through fine.

I had a busy day and didnt get to taking pics until tonight so I snapped this one of Tom in the kitchen under florescent light.  In gimp, I corrected with auto white balance which did a surprisingly good job.  Then I adjusted the curves a little to lighten his face and take some red out.  I duplicated the layer and set it at a 20% opacity on Soft Light to give it more contrast.  Then I sharpened and that is it!  Until tomorrow.


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