Desert Living

Honestly I never liked the desert.  It is dry, harsh, deadly.  But it also has its own beauty.  The sunsets are amazing, the landscape is awe inspiring, and there are so many old abandoned places to photograph.

I took some pictures of where we are staying for the next couple weeks.  It is so different from Santa Cruz.  In Santa Cruz the forest surrounds you on all sides, top and bottom.  Here in the Antelope Valley you can see 20 miles in any direction.  Its the difference between being claustrophobic and agoraphobic.  These little mountains are buttes.  They are an anomaly in our desert which is basically flat everywhere.  These beautiful rocks jut up out of the earth and were considered sacred by the Native Americans who lived here hundreds of years ago.

Buttes in the Antelope Valley

Horse House

Crows in the Desert

Buttes in Antelope Valley

Brae loves to go feed the horses.  I used to love horses.  I dont know why I am not as obsessed about them now as I used to be.  Perhaps it is my allergies to hay and alfalfa, or maybe I lost some love when one threw me off his back and I couldn’t walk for a week.  Most of our horses are retired except for one.  This stallion, Thunder, is four and will be trained by Tom once he gets his balls cut off.  That way he will be much calmer and more reliable.  While Tom was moving him into his new stall he kicked Tom in the jaw.  Luckily he was okay.  He thinks the horse knocked his jaw back where it is supposed to be.  Apparently he got punched when he was a teen and it messed up his jaw.  He is convinced it is fixed now.  Damn cowboys are always refusing to go to the doctor.  As aggressive as Thunder might have seemed that day he is really a sweet horse.  He just needs a little less testosterone, or a good romp in the hay with a pretty mare.

One of the horses

One of the coolest things about the Antelope Valley is the military aircraft.  Lockheed Martin Skunkworks and Boeing both build their planes here.

Stealth Bomber

This is the Stealth Bomber which happened to fly overhead as I was taking pictures of the yard.  I haven’t seen one of these flying around in a while.  I used to see them all the time.

Another of my favorite things about the desert is all of the old things lying around.  This was my favorite shot today.


Stay out of the heat everyone!


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